Google App Engine again.

I keep switching back and forth between using Google App Engine with the webapp2 framework and self hosting with Django and more recently my own framework built on Flask.  I believe in the right tool for the right job so Django will be my choice for certain projects but I just have a lot of fun with Google App Engine. I have implemented a lot of Django like functionality in webapp2 (e.g. configurable middleware) into my webapp2 projects and that has been very informative since Python is far from my primary language of C++.   I also enjoy that my experimental projects on Google App Engine usually don't cost me anything since I never hit the quotas.  I do miss being able to easily spin up a Redis or RabbitMQ instance on my Linode without worrying about setting up network connections between services.  I also miss using things like SQLAlchemy and Alembic since I am using the Google Datastore with my webapp2 projects.